Terence Crawford Expresses Desire for Epic Showdown Against Jermell Charlo Following Spence Rematch

Terence Crawford states that Jermell Charlo is the fellow that he needs another after a conceivable rematch with Errol Spence Jr afterward this year in December. In an meet with HOT97, Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) said that he wouldn’t battle over 154 since he’s not somebody that considers he can beat the complete world notwithstanding of what weight lesson he competes in. What this implies, though, is that Jermell will have to be return to the 154-lb division after his September 30th battle against super middleweight winner Canelo Alvarez at 168 for the plausibility of a coordinate against Crawford to happen.

The Spence Rematch:

Before delving into the captivating prospect of a showdown with Jermell Charlo, Terence Crawford first has unfinished business to attend to. His much-anticipated rematch with Errol Spence has fans energetically holding up to witness a clash of titans within the boxing ring. The two champions brag an faultless record, and this approaching rematch is anticipated to be an all-out war, with the pined for unified welterweight title hanging within the adjust.

Crawford Wants Jermell Charlo

That seem happen since we’re within the same weight course, but at this point in time, I’m trying to find greater & way better openings, like Jermell Charlo, said Terence Crawford to HOT97, when inquired on the off chance that he’d be inquisitive about battling Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.

I fair thought to let him know that I’m coming for him as well, said Crawford when inquired bout what he said to Jermell from ringside minutes after his win over Errol Spence Jr final Saturday night at the T-Mobile Field in Las Vegas. NEWS: Terence Crawford P4P lord with Ring Magazine “I don’t care for the fella. I wouldn’t say that I don’t like him since I don’t have no reason not to like him actually. I fair don’t care for him, Crawford said approximately Jermell. Numerous boxing fans accept Jermell will lose to Canelo, Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs) will return to the 154-lb division to continue protecting his titles, which is able be decreased three IBF, WBA & WBC after he’s stripped of his WBO belt after September 30th. If Jermell does lose to Canelo, that opens up the plausibility of him protecting his IBF/WBA/WBC 154-lb titles against Crawford. Be that as it may, Jermell has been resolved within the past, saying that Crawford must demonstrate himself & work himself into position for a title shot the way that he did some time recently he’ll provide him a shot.

The Desire for Jermell Charlo:

Amidst the anticipation surrounding the Spence rematch, Terence Crawford revealed his burning desire to face Jermell Charlo, a fierce and accomplished fighter in his own right. Recognized as the unified super welterweight champion, Charlo’s aggressive style and impressive record have catapulted him to the forefront of the boxing world. Crawford’s interest in this potential showdown has generated a whirlwind of excitement, setting the stage for an electrifying clash of boxing skills and wits.

Jermell is an old-school warrior and accepts warriors ought to win their shot instead of being apathetic & campaigning for the battle based on their past wins.

Terence Won’t Fight Above 154:

Charlo holds all the belts at 154, and I hold all the belts at 147. Me & Errol were the two best welterweights within the division, which was the greatest battle of this decade. I don’t see anybody else on that level of Terence Crawford – Errol Spence, other than Canelo, and he battles at 168+, and I don’t see me and him battling, said Terence when inquired in case there’s anybody else that he sees as a huge mega-fight for him.

I’d say 154, said Crawford on the most elevated weight he might battle. Them boys get huge up there. I’m not a individual that’s as well boisterous to say that I seem beat the world. I get it there are weight classes for a reason, and I regard the weight classes. Definitely, I think 154 would be my max, given my age. I’m approximately to be 36 years old in September, so I’ve have to be take that into thought as well, Crawford said.

On the off chance that Jermell massacres Canelo at 168 to gotten to be undisputed winner, that may put a damper on any chances of battling against Crawford at 154. Jermell would be not as it were getting a charge out of the numerous enormous cash battles accessible to him at 168, and there would be no reason to put his body through the difficulty of softening down to 154 for a battle against Crawford. Charlo would be the A-side, the fellow that calls the shots, and Crawford would got to concur to come up to 168 in the event that he needed the payday and the opportunity to cement his bequest.

Jermell clearly saw how weight depleted his companion & gym-mate Errol Spence Jr was final Saturday night, and he wouldn’t need the same to happen to him in case he were to dissolve down from 168 to 154 to battle Crawford in a debilitated condition that would advantage him.