Tim Bradley’s Take: Jaron Ennis Needs Tough Challenges Before Facing Terence Crawford

In the world Within welterweight boxing, Jaron Ennis has earned a notoriety as a phenom, gloating an amazing record of 31-0 with 28 knockouts. In any case, previous boxing champ Tim Bradley believes that Ennis still features a way to go some time recently venturing into the ring with the imposing Terence Crawford from Omaha, Nebraska.

Bradley emphasizes the importance of earning one’s stripes by facing top fighters or seasoned veterans like Keith Thurman or Danny Garcia. These experiences, he argues, will prepare Ennis for the daunting task of challenging Crawford. Unfortunately, Thurman seems uninterested in facing the young welterweight, preferring to chase lucrative payday fights after a period of inactivity.

Ennis finds himself in a challenging situation; he needs valuable experience to prepare for fighters like Crawford, but potential opponents are avoiding him. On the other hand, Crawford faces his own set of problems in finding worthy opponents at 154, specifically pining for a title shot against Jermell Charlo, which seems unlikely to materialize.

Tim Bradley acknowledges Ennis’s skills and potential but raises concerns about his lack of experience against top-tier fighters. Bradley points out that Ennis has been impressive against lower-level opponents but has yet to face someone on Crawford’s level. The former champion expresses concern that Ennis might look average when confronted with Crawford’s superior skills and ring intelligence.

According to Bradley, Ennis needs to be tested by legitimate opponents like Thurman, Shawn Porter, or Danny Garcia—veterans who can challenge him both physically and mentally. The ability to adapt and handle different styles is crucial in preparation for facing Crawford.

Bradley also shares insights from his own experience in the ring with Crawford, praising the latter’s footwork and ability to set traps for opponents. He warns that facing Crawford without adequate preparation could lead to disaster for Ennis, despite his evident talent.

In conclusion, while Tim Bradley admires Jaron Ennis and believes he has the potential to be a future star, he emphasizes the necessity for Ennis to gain valuable experience against top-caliber opponents before taking on Terence Crawford. Only then, with the right tests and challenges, can Ennis truly be ready to face the formidable Crawford.